Wiki: Adding a new measurement rig

To find the "add measurement rig" page, go to Database -> Add, and select Add measurement rig, or click here

You will be presented with this page. The first action you must now take, is to select the type of measurement rig you have in the rig select.

Here you have 3 choices: MiniDSP EARS, DIY rig, and other. We will add more types in time, so if your rig doesn't find in one of the first categories, please choose other.

If you use a MiniDSP EARS rig, please enter the serial number. This is not required, but we strongly prefer it, as this allows us to fetch the appropriate compensations from MiniDSP.

Finally, please give the rig a name in our system, so you can differentiate between different rigs in case you have multiple. This name will be publicly displayed in the name of your measurements.