Wiki: Adding a new frequency response

The first thing you need to do is adding your measurement rig to the database. For instructions on how to do this, please see Adding a measurement rig.

After you've ensured that you have a measurement rig, the next step is to make sure that the headphone and manufacturer exists in the database.

For instructions on how to do this, please see Adding a headphone and Adding a manufacturer.

To find the "add frequency response" page, go to Database -> Add, and select Add headphone FR measurement, or click here

You will be presented with this page. The first action you must now take, is to select the headphone, you have measured, in the headphone select.

Next, you must select the measurement rig that you used to take the measurement.

Now, please inspect the frequency response name. If you have made any special modifications to the headphones, please specify in the name.

You must also select which channel you have measured, or if you have an average of both channels.

This can also be which settings the headphones have, for instance if you're measured a wireless headphone that also works wired, please specify in the name.

If you have multiple mods / settings, please separate them with a dash "-".

Finally, you must select the measurement file. If you're using a MiniDSP EARS, please ensure that the file you upload is the raw data, and not compensated.

The system cannot detect that you already applied compensation to the data, and will thus apply it once more, meaning the data will now be double compensated.

If you're using a DIY rig, we cannot apply compensation, as we don't know your system. In this case, apply the compensation on your own and specify in the name.

You now have two options. You can either upload a .wav file of the impulse response, which is the preferred method, or you can upload a .txt / .csv file of the following format:

* Measurement data measured by REW V5.19
* Source: C:\Programming\fr_calc\hd800.wav
* Format: Imported Impulse Response, 48000 Hz sampling
* Dated: Oct 24, 2020 10:26:24 AM
* REW Settings:
* C-weighting compensation: Off
* Target level: 75.0 dB
* Note: Impulse Response imported from C:\Programming\fr_calc\hd800.wav 2.7s of 32-bit data at 48000 Hz sampling
* Measurement: hd800
* Smoothing: 1/24 octave
* Frequency Step: 0.36621654 Hz
* Start Frequency: 1.8310547 Hz
* Freq(Hz) SPL(dB) Phase(degrees)
1.831 74.826 -6.518
2.197 72.266 -69.608
2.563 65.195 -55.849
2.930 57.348 80.750
3.296 64.391 72.033
3.662 69.574 11.592
4.028 71.251 5.844
4.395 71.573 -25.820

The HeadphoneDatabase format will discard every line starting with a star "*".

After discarding all stars, it will take the first number in the line as the frequency, and the next number as the amplitude (dB).

These two numbers must be separated by a space " ".

It will then continue reading every line according to this format.

This format allows HeadphoneDatabase to read the default .txt output of REW.